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This page lists member queries for genealogical information on identified individuals or families. To place a query on this page send the query via email to Dennis Moreno, dennis.moreno@sbcglobal.net or if you do not have access to email, mail it to Queries, c/o Los Bexarenos Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 1935, San Antonio, TX 78297

Submitted, 4/19/2016, Stephanie Sanchez, dlg1721@att.net
Stephanie Sanchez is looking for information General Antonio Fernandez Vallejo, ca 1700.

Submitted, 2/17/2016, Elijah Nora, Laredo, TX, elijahnora71@gmail.com
I found your e-mail on the Los Bexarenos website and I wanted to know If I could speak to someone who is familiar with Jesus Maria Guajardo also from the Candela region.
All my life, I have been told that my mother's mother (Dora Guajardo) was some sort of cousin to J.M. Guajardo. Dora's parents names were Gervacio Guajardo and Maria del Refugio Perez.
If you could please refer me to someone I would greatly appreciate it.

Submitted, 1/19/2015,  genealogia.norestense@gmail.com
A researcher in Asturias is helping me to try to find more informatiion about the Flores Valdes family to see if they can find more about the parents of Rodrigo Flores Valdes who is the common ancestors to many of us in northeastern Mexico and south Texas. I want to get back to the researcher as soon as possible with any information from this side of the Atlantic that might help him make a connection. I would appreciate it greatly if any member in your organization who could get us more information about Rodrigo Flores de Valdes would contact me. The chart on the Index of the Marriage Investigations of the Dioceses of Guadalajara lists Rodrigo's origins and his parents, but it doesn't indicate a source for this information. Perhaps the original source of this information might contain hints to locate his family's roots back in Asturias. Whoever put together the chart must have this information. Thank you very much for all of your help.

Submitted, 11/13/2014, by Oscar Ramirez, oramirezo@sbcglobal.net
I am looking for information on Josefa de Leon. In particular I would like to know the names of her parents. I know that Josefa (my ancestor) married Guadalupe de los Santos on 26 Feb 1838 in San Antonio de Bexar. However it was a civil ceremony and does not list her parents. I have been unable to find a church ceremony record. There were two Josefa de Leons living in Bexar during this time period. One was listed in the Census Report of San Jose Mission, 23 June 1831 age 17 living with Francisco de Leon and Luisa Martinez. Another Josefa was listed in the San Fernando Church Baptisms, 1816, as the daughter of Ignacio de Leon and Manuela de la Garza. I wonder if someone has any information that would help me determine who are the parents of the Josefa that married Guadalupe de los Santos. I do know that Guadalupe and Josefa had a daughter named
Guadalupe de los Santos. The daughter, Guadalupe, married Miguel Ramos and were living in Wilson County per the 1880 census.

Submitted, 09/06/2011, by Mary Esther Zahradnick, saesther06@yahoo.com
I am looking for information on Maximiano,Maximo, Maximiliano Diaz,I was told they were on a ranch in 1880 name Granjeno Hidalgo County, Texas,his wife Cecilia Diaz had two families one with Maximiano Diaz and the second with Fernando Gonzales they lived in Dilley,Texas.Cecilia died between 1906 and 1909.

Submitted, 02/22/2011, by Mary Esther Zahradnick, saesther06@yahoo.com
On behalf of Richard Esparza who lives in California
Leandro & Benita Esparza     1840-1860 Aguascaliente, Mexico      Anything
Teodomiro Esparza                                   Villa Gonzalez Ortega       Anything
Francisco Esparza Esparza     1840-1860 Aguascaliente, Mexico      Anything
Agustina Esparza                                       Zacatecas, Mexico            Anything

Submitted, 08/06/2010, by Mary Esther Zahradnick, saesther06@yahoo.com
Subject: Jose Jesus Fernandez, Laredo, Texas

 A gentleman has asked me to research information about his grandfather on his mother’s behalf. At seventy-nine years old, she had only seen her father once at the age of fourteen.

The son and I have found the following information in Laredo approximately 1930:

Baptized Jose Jesus Fernandez, he was born on October 16, 1902 in Villa Garcia, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. He arrived in the U.S. with his parents in 1915. He married Maria Cleofas Rios on January 31, 1924 in Collin County, Mckinney, Texas. They had three children, Gloria F. Medina, Ysidro Fernandez (both deceased) and Ana Maria F. Montolongo.

(Jose) Jesus died in June of 1976, possibly in Guadalajara, but documentation confirm it was definitely Mexico.

Other information we have found:

Parents: Isidro and Daminia Trevino Fernandez
Address: 1916 San Bernardo Ave., Laredo, Texas
Children: Alfonso, Arturo, Carmela, Carolina, Enrique, Genoveva, Gustavo, Jose, Ramiro, and Salvador. We know Salvador and Genoveva were buried in Laredo.

Genoveva had a business on San Agustin Ave., possibly a beauty shop.

Her funeral service was held at San Agustin Catholic Church in 1938.

If this flyer can be circulated at any gatherings of weddings, funerals, or reunions, especially to people who have been long time residents of Laredo; we really need your help. My goal is for this woman to have some closure, perhaps a picture of her father, any information of his life, or possible if he a second family. My goal is to have documentation by Thanksgiving 2010. We greatly appreciate any assistance you may be able to offer. Please contact Mary Esther at 210-366-1086. My email is saesther06@yahoo.com. Or contact Adrian Castillo’s email is Adrian-c@sbcglobal.net .

Submitted, 08/04/2010, by Michaele Burris, burrisbooks@gmail.com
Looking for birth-death dates and parentage for the wives and mistress of Juan Antonio ESPARZA b 1836 (San Antonio?) Texas; his birth-death dates/places; information on his child Jesusa ESPARZA; information on Lores ESPARZA.

1-Tomasa GUTIERREZ,  born abt 1840, married 8 Aug 1857 to Juan Antonio ESPARZA. She died before 1881 when Juan Antonio remarried.  Need her birth-death dates and parentage.
     10 children.
2-Maria Guadalupe GALINDO, born abt 1857 in Monclova, Mexico, married 31 July 1881 to Juan Antonio ESPARZA.  Need her birth-death dates and parentage.
     7 children
3-Felipa de Leon, no clue as to birth, death or parentage.  She and Juan Antonio ESPARZA had two natural children in San Antonio. Need her birth-death dates and parentage.
     Jesusa ESPARZA born 20 Mar 1872, christened 21 April 1872 in San Antonio.  Was she also adopted out?  What became of her?  Need her Marriage-death dates and any adoptive parentage.

     Florencia ESPARZA born 23 Feb 1876, christened 16 March 1876, married George Arnold CHAVEZ 6 Dec 1900 in San Antonio, died 26 May 1951 in San Francisco, CA.; She was adopted by Louis ESPARZA (Juan Antonio's brother) and Lucinda Weaver. 

     Louis and Lucinda also adopted Lores ESPARZA, born June 1891; per 1900 census, father's birthplace unknown, mother's birthplace Ireland.  Need her Marriage-death dates and biological parentage.  What became of her? 

Submitted by Mary Esther Zahradnick, saesther06@yahoo.com
Looking for information on the following couple:
Porfiro Garcia and Teresa Martinez married in San Fernando Catheral in 1869, San Antonio, Texas. They had two sons. Julian Garcia married Trinidad Tarin and Enemencio Garcia married Simona Avila on 27 Nov 1892 in Graytown, Texas. Enemencio and Simona had several children.


Submitted by Michaele Burris, Cedar Rapids, IW, burrisbooks@gmail.com
Jose Francisco Nepomunceno ESPARZA b 27 Mar 1804 md 22 Oct 1828 to Maria Josefa FLORES.
Known children:
Rafaela ESPARZA       b about 1831     d?    md ?
Louis ESPARZA          b 19Aug 1838,  d 30 Aug 1915, Shafter, Presidio, Texas
Jose Maria ESPARZA  b 6 Apr 1846    d 22 Nov 1846

Juan Antonio ESPARZA May have been a brother or cousin. He and Felipa de Leon were the parents of Florence ESPARZA b 23 Feb 1876, which Louis and his wife, Lucinda Weaver, adopted.  They also adopted Lores ESPARZA b Jun 1891.
Looking for information on the ESPARZA-FLORES family, particularly additional children; where Juan Antonio fits in; and if there were any more adopted children for Louis and Lucinda.

Submitted by Gilbert and Yolanda Patino, patinogil@sbcglobal.net
Juan Jose Sanchez           Laredo                          ca 1810               Any Information
Sabastian Martinez          Villa de Mina, N.L.(?)                              Any Information
Pablo Rosales                  Zacatecas, Zacatecas(?)                           Any Information

Submitted by Omar Codina, omar_codina@msn.com
Name                       Location                              Date               Event
Luis de la Rosa        Cameron, TX & Mexico     1865 - 1930   Birth, Death
Eufracio Codina       Tepetongo, Zacatecas         abt 1767        Birth

Submitted by Mary Esther Zahradnick, saesther06@yahoo.com
Algueseva San Antonio, Texas 1920
Ramon, Serapio San Antonio, Texas 1900
Mat(r)as Silva San Luis Potosi, Mexico 1888
Martha Knight San Antonio, Texas 1900

Submitted by Michael Soler, mjsoler78@yahoo.com
Blas Maria Herrera San Antonio, Texas
Candelario Villanueva San Antonio, Texas
Amado Villanueva San Antonio, Texas

Submitted by Maria O. "Vee" Gomez, mjsoler78@yahoo.com
Candelerio Villanueva (Alamo-one of Juan Sequin Company)
Andrea Castañon Villanueva (1835?) Marriage Certificate
Blas B. Herrera
Guardo Family Laredo, Texas

Submitted by Emma and Roland Vela from Denton, Texas, emmalamar@verizon.net
Leon Ecay Musquiz Coahulia mid-18th century All
Guadalupe Vela Cerralvo ca. 1830 Birth

Submitted by Viola R. Sadler from Anaheim, CA, vrsadler@aol.com
Domingo Castañeda & Rio Grandes, Nieves, Zacates 1700 all
Joaquina Guajardo
Arcadio Lazcano & Coahuila ca. 1830's all
Ma. Andrea Torres
Juan Arredondo & Coahuila ca. 1770's all
Josefa de León
Thomás Garcia & Nuevo Leon, Sabinas, ca. 1770's all
Ana Vicenta Martinez Villaldoma?

Submitted by James L. Salinas, 10819 Winter Crk., San Antonio, TX 78254, phone 210-767-9144 - sto933z@satx.rr.com
NAME                 LOCATION            DATE     EVENT
Antonio Salinas    San Antonio, TX     1835       Birth & Baptism

Submitted by José Flores: ALF617@juno.com - from Ferment, CA.
NAME                         LOCATION             DATE     EVENT
Tomasa Benavides       San Ygnacio             1860's     Anything
Gertrudes Benavides    San Ygnacio             1860's     Anything
Tomas Benavides         Mexico&Texas ?      1830's     Anything
Margarita Perez           Mexico&Texas ?       1830's     Anything

Submitted by Victor J. Dodier: dodier@Hel.com - from Portland OR
Name                       Location         Date       Event
William R. Henry    San Antonio    1862      Burial

Submitted by Manuel Guerra: albercas@stx.rr.com - from Laredo, TX
NAME                       LOCATION       DATE           EVENT
W.R. Henry                San Antonio      1840-1860     Any
Consolacion Urrutia   San Antonio      1830-1880     Any
Antonio Bruni             South Texas      1872-1930    Any

Submitted by Maria Tovares-Ashmanskas. maria@tovash.com - from Quincy, MA
Maria Roberta Margarita Espanza               San Antonio, TX            26 FEB 1917 Death
Jose Maria Esparza & Ana Jacinta Briseno Saltillo, MX                                          Marriage
Pablo Carvajal                                              Villa de San Fernando   1821-1825      Death
Julian Perez                                                  Texas                             1826-1836      Birth

Submitted by Sylvia López Valero: sylvalero@aol.com
NAME                        LOCATION                DATE
López                          Starr Cnty, TX             1880
Valero                         Durncgo, MX               1900
Roach                          Duval, Cnty, TX          1920
Olivares                       Starr Cnty. TX             1890

Submitted by Alfred and Hilda Flores, of Houston TX at 281-481-0452
NAME                       LOCATION                   DATE EVENT
Pescinas Piotillos       San Luis Potosi, MX      1910

Submitted by Irene Jones of Resselaer, NY: irenej1934@aol.com
Jesus Tejeda              Martinez Creek               1874 Marriage to Maria Jesusa de los Reyes-needs the 1880 census

Submitted by Sylvia Ann Macus from 122 Comell, SA TX 78228:
NAME                       LOCATION DATE            EVENT
Gallaedo                     Bexar           1700's            All
Castillo                       Bexar           1700's            All

Submitted by Jerry & Gloria Benavides from Dallas: jgbenavide@aol.com
Guajardo                    Candela/ Monterrey     1667-1800
Amaya                        San Luis Potosi            1800-1865
Olivo                          South Texas/ Mier        1850-1913

Submitted by Arnold Molina from Benbrook, Texas: arnoldmol@msn.com
Jose Ramon Leal       San Antonio, Texas       1774           Birth
Jose Mario Leal         San Antonio, Texas       1805           Birth
Juan Manuel Leal      San Antonio, Texas       1835           Birth
Jose Mario Leal         San Antonio, Texas       1834 ?        Marriage
Maria Sinisovnia Ruiz

Submitted by Ruben C. Margarita P. Juarez at CE669, Devine TX 78016.
Francisco Faro (soldier)      Bexar                                      Marriage
Maria de Jesus Sanchez      Bexar/ Laredo Texas

Submitted by Olivia Cruz Maldonado: oliviacfm@aol.com
Cruz                          Atacosa, TX
Faz                            Atacosa, TX
Vasquez                    Atacosa, TX

Submitted byJose and Paz Guerra from Houston, TX: joguerra@hispanicgs.com
Guerra                      Monterrey, MX              1700

Submitted by Reynolds & Vicki Delgado from Sugar Land TX: rmdelgado@aol.com
Valadez                    Mapimí, Dgo. MX           1910         Revolution
McMunn                  Mapimí, Dgo. MX           1910         Revolution
Prince                      Mapimî, Dgo. MX            1910         Revolution

Submitted by Margaret W. Schunior from So. Houston, TX: mws1927@hotmail.com
G. Schunior                                       Matamora, MX          1848
I. Orta´zu                                           Palafox, TX 1810
Flora (Florintina) De La Garza         Texas & Mexico        1928 & 1859
Teresa Ortazu                                    Palo Fox, TX             1816

Submitted by Albert & Connie Jimenez: dadapd@att.net
Jimenez                     Texas                  1880
Ximenez                    Texas                  1800
Gimenes                    Chon, MX           1700
Ramon                      Chon, MX

Submitted by Rafael & Gloria Barrera: rafebar@hotmail.com
Barrera                      Texas                                     Any
Ordaz                         Texas & Florida                    Any
Sauceda                     Texas & Washington State    Any
Tienda                       Texas                                      Any

Submitted by George Olivarri at aitor@swbell.net
Olivarri                      Bexar                   after 1750
Olivarri                      Mexico                before 1750

Submitted by Fernando Lawson Garica & Irene Slaughter Garcia, 8510 Timber Place, S.A. TX: nandoirene@aol.com
NAME                       LOCATION       DATE           EVENT
Neira & Garza           Candela, Coah.   1850             All
Santos & ZuaZua       Candela, Coah.   1850             All
Berlanga/ Doria          Linares, N.L.      1800-1900    All
Guajardo/ Quintanilla Linares, N.L.      1800-1900    All

Submitted by Zelma Alderete Murphree, 4211 Treegarden, S.A., TX. at 210-333-4832
Maria Dorotea Perez ?                                                Marriage
Xacome Texada                                      1800's          Birth
Maria Ampara Menchaca                       1800's          Birth
Domingo Diaz                                         1700's          Marriage

Submitted by Victor & Alex Baez of 2307 W. 12th Street, Austin, TX: alexbaez@academicplanet.com
NAME                                    LOCATION                                    DATE          EVENT
Juan Lorenzo Baez                 Satillo, Monterrey, Villa de Garcia 1725-1775    mayor, 1765-1766
Anna Francisca de la Garza   Monterrey, Villa de Garcia              1750-1758   Marriage

Submitted by Gloria S. Cantu from Ricardson, TX: cantu44gloria@yahoo.com
NAME                                LOCATION              DATE                       EVENT
Herrera, Victoria                Atascosa County       1845-1910                 All

Submitted byTony & Barbara Sauceda from Chatsworth, California: yukonbelle@socal.rr.com
Guajado, David                  Saspamco/ Calaverz  1822-1845                 Baptism
                                                                              after 1922                  Death
Jimenez, Ursilla                  Saspamco/ Calaverz   ca. 1866                    Baptism
                                                                              4-08-1922                  Death
Adelaida, Maria Gonzalez?                                   before 04-1880          Baptism
                                           San Antonio?              29April 1955             Death

Submitted by Selvia Guerra Trevino, of SA TX, Tel: 655-0226.
Nepomuceno Lino Trevino        Cienega de Flores, N.L.   c. 1800-1850  Marriage
Ma. Del Rosario Trevino            Cienega De Flores, N.L.  c. 1800-1850  Marriage
Jose Gumaro Guerra                   Saltillo, Coah.                      1820           Marriage
Ma. Josepa Garza                       Saltillo, Coah.                       1820           Marriage

Submitted by Edward de la Garza of SA TX, Tel: 445-1607
Jose A. de la Garza                     Mexico                                 1855?          Birth
Eufemia Fernandez(^wife) ?                                                    1877?          Birth
Candelaria Hernandez ?                                                           1890?          Birth
Rafael Rios                                 Chihuahua, MX                    1892?          Birth

Submitted by Estella De La Fuente of SA TX: estelladf@aol.com
Cayetano Beltran                       Muzquiz, Coah. MX.             1845            Birth
Bernade Del Real                       Cocoltlan, Jalisco                  1830?           Birth
Victor Garcia                              Cocotlan, Jalisco                   1860?           Birth
Fabriela Ramirez                        Cocotlan, Jalisco                   1855?            Birth

Submitted byTony & Dorelia Quintero of SA TX: tonq25@yahoo.com
Carmen Fernandez                     Tamaulipas                                                 Marriage
Andres Quintero                         Tamaulipas                                                 Marriage

Submitted by Henritta Garcia Salter of Houston, TX, Tel: 281-445-0321
Lucinda Perez Hinojose               Lampazos, N.L. MX            12-19-1869   Parents
Gregoria Hinojosa (Santa Ana??) Lampazos, N.L. MX                                  Parents
Femin de la Garza                         Lampazos, N.L. MX            b. 1810?        Parents
J. Leon de la Garza                       Lampazos, N.L. MX             b. 1794?       Marriage
Rita Morales Rodriguez                Lampazos, N.L. MX                                  Marriage & Parents


Submitted by Yolanda and Gilbert Patino: patinogil@sbcglobal.net
Lozano (any)       China, N.L.
Simon Rodriquez China, N.L.
Ysidora Zendejo  China, N.L.

Submitted by Lupe and Aida Martinez: lupeml@satx.rr.com
MA. de San Juan Guajardo from Mier, who was the daughter of Manuel Guajardo & MA. Dominga Pena and married, 22 Sept. 1777 at Cuidad Mier to Vicente Saenz– Need information on the parents of Vicente Saenz.

Submitted by Raymond & Esperanza Olvera: rmolvera@aol.com
Samuel White                        Eagle Pass, Tx. 1840's & up anything
Louis Moscatell                     Eagle Pass, Tx. 1870 & up anything
Eugenio or Francisco Olvera Eagle Pass 1870's & up anything
Luciano Barrientes                 Eagle Pass, TX late 1800's anything
Celestina Olivares                  Musquiz, Mex. late 1800's anything

Submitted by Donald May: demaysr@prodigy.net
Adolfo Duelos               Monterrey, N.L. 1900 All events.
Placida Salinas Duelos  Monterrey, N.L. 1900 Death
Francico Valles              Piedras Negras 1900 Death
Juan Francisco Salinas   Piedras Negras 1900 Death

Submitted by Mary Esther Zahradnick, saesther06@yahoo.com

Jose Pasacio Musquis, Monclova, Coahuila, 1780
   Seeking information on birth. In a marriage it mentions that he was from the Hacienda Las Encinas, Jose Pascacio Ecaimusquis, married 21 Aug 1805 in Monclovia, Coahuila, Mexico. Later his last name was also spelled Musquis, Musquiz, Muzquiz.
Jose Maria Musquis, Monclova, Coahuila, 1849
Jose Maria Muzquiz, Guerrero, Coahuila, 1875  Birth
Augustine Muzquiz y Ramirez, San Antonio, TX  1903

Submitted by Mary Esther Zahradnick, saesther06@yahoo.com
I am looking for information on my grandmother. Her name was Martha Rose Knight. She was born about 1889 and was married to my grandfather Cleto Algueseba in Boerne, Texas in 1905.They  had son Sylvester William Algueseva on December 31 1911 Boerne, Texas. The last information I have on her is that she was living in Houston, Texas in 1941 with both of my parents. I would like to know where she is buried. Thank you for any help.

Submitted by Trevino, Jose G. & Mary D. 708 Villa Dr. Laredo, Tx 78245
950 722-3088 jgtrevino9347@sbcglobal.net

Josefa Rodriguez Vasquez- born 1885 died 1948 Laredo, Texas.

Submitted by Mr. Xavier R., P.O.Box 1485, Lake Jackson, Texas 77566, for the
following names and all events related to the names:

Submitted by Virginia de la Zerda of 1134 Schley Ave, San Antonio, Texas 78210 is
requesting the following family search:

Vela, Tomasa - Mier, Tamps., Mx. ca. 1795 Birth (parents-Jose de Jesus
Vela & Lorenza Alarcon
Gutierrez, Jose Ignacio - Mier, Mx. 1816 Marriage (looking for parents)
Lopez, Benito - Tamps. Mx. ca. 1813 Birth (looking for parents)
Lopez, Maria - Floresville,Tx ca. 1874 Death (searching for parents,
maybe related to Benito Lopez

Submitted by Tanguma, Karen & Robert,23110 Dragon Rock Rd., Elmendorf, TX 78112-6128

The following surnames are being researched:
    Tanguma    Mexico    1600-Present
    Mendiola    Mexico    1600
    Guerrero     Mexico    1600-Present
    Quintero     Mexico    1600-Present
    Gongora     Mexico    1600-Present

Submitted by Mr. Jesse Lopez: jjmjlopez@charter.net
Castillon        Guerrero, Coahuila 1700's All
Rager, Editia & Frederick, PO Box 63708, Pipe
Creek, TX 78063-3708

want information on the surname Mata.
Henry & Catherine Melchor, 208 Towne Vue, San Antonio, Texas, 78213

Name Location Date Event
Guadalupe Montoya San Antonio, Texas 1896 Death
Francisco Anaya Beaumont, Texas 3/1904 Birth
Bitter, Susan 14534 Terrace Bend, Cypress TX 77429,

Name Location Date Event
Andres Hernandez Karnes City 1920 Death
Irene Jones, 62 Teliska Ave., Rensselaer, NY 12144

Name Location Date Event
Juan Rendon San Antonio Jan. 18, 1914 Born 1869-Need Obit Info.
Rita Carrera de los Reyes, Bexar 1911-1916 Born 1834-Need obit
Info-namely name of parents and where buried.
Herrera, Reynaldo J., 1158 Bethlehem, Houston, TX 77018-1352

Name Location Date Event
J.M. Herrera Salinas, Hidalgo 1895-1910
Monica Landa Salinas, Hidalgo 1895-1910
Rafael Alvarez Salinas, Hidalgo 1895-1910

Corder, Linda Chavez, 15233 Pebble Falls, San Antonio, TX 78232

Name Location Date Event
Caravajal Coahuila Any All
Valle Musquis, MX 1900
Frausto, Christobol Coahuila 1700
Chavez, Gil San Luis Potosi 1856 Marriage
Irene F. Senia, 146 Sendero Verde, San Antonio, TX 78261
Looking for information on the following family members:

Jose Luciano Naranjo Mier, Mexico 1850
Fabian Garza Los Saenz, Roma, TX 1870
Onesino Fierro San Antonio, TX 1900
Josephine Rendon San Antonio, TX 1900
Rafael O. Barrera ratebar@hotmail.com

Barrera Texas ? Any
Ordaz Texas-Florida ? Any
Sauceda Texas-Washington ? Any
These family names were requested by Trevino, Jose G. Mary D. 708 Villa Dr., Laredo, TX, 78045

Ignacio Cerda Cruillas, Tamps., MX d. bef. Oct. 1889 Any
Francisa Leal Cruillas, Tamps., MX d. bef. Jul. 1889 Any
Roberto J. De Lachica, 1225 Cottonwood Dr., Brownsville, TX , 78520

Keukhoffs Saltillo, Coah. MX 1772 Birth
Allen Saltillo, Coah. MX 1700's Birth
Baudelia Mitchell, 124 James St., Boerne, TX 78006 830-249-3781
Looking for any information on

Elizalde, Francisco Neuvo Leon 1800