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Pedigree/Genealogy Charts

This space is used to publish member submitted pedigree/genealogy charts.

Instructions for submitting pedigree charts for this page:
Pedigree data should be original research and not charts copied from the internet.
Pedigree charts need to have a contact person and have either their email address or phone number.
The submitter gives Los Bexarenos Genealogical Society permission to publish the chart(s) on the Society's website.
The chart(s) should be either a 5 or 6 generation chart(s) with or without an index or a descendent chart. The chart(s) must be in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat format).
The Society does not verify submitted data. All corrections/discrepancies should be referred back to the submitter.
Submit chart(s) to Dennis Moreno,

The easiest way to generate a pedigree chart in PDF format is with a genealogy computer program. There are many for sale with the more popular ones being:

Personal Ancestoral File (PAF) - http://www.familysearch.org/eng/paf/  (This is a free program)
Family Tree Maker - http://www.familytreemaker.com
RootsMagic - www.rootsmagic.com

These programs are inexpensive, easy to use and are powerful tools in organizing personal genealogical data and notes. These programs can generate a large variety of genealogical charts and reports.
****** Revised Entry, 2nd Edition ******
Submitted by Joel Reyes, canoa101@aol.com
Descendents of Melchor De Los Reyes de Ecija
See Joel Reyes' website at http://joelreyesfamilytree.com

Submitted by Dr. Jose Fernando Pascual Baralt, jfpascual@aol.com
Families of Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Dr. Pascual's website contains a genealogical database with over 27,000 individuals and 8,861 families.

Submitted by John Inclan, fromgalveston@yahoo.com
The Descendents of  Commanding General Pedro Gomez Duran y Chavez
Descendents of Don Joseph Antonio Seguin

Submitted by Gilbert Villerreal, gilbertvillerreal@yahoo.com
**New** - Descendents of Leal Goraz

Submitted by Dahlia Palacios, dahlpalaci@sbcglobal.net
Guajardo-Cantu Pedigree

Submitted by Viola Moreno, dennis.moreno@sbcglobal.net
Huante-Moreno Pedigree

Submitted by Yolanda Patino, patinogil@sbcglobal.net
Lozano-Rodriguez Pedigree

Submitted by Dennis Moreno, dennis.moreno@sbcglobal.net
Moreno-Hill Pedigree

Submitted by Dahlia Palacios, dahlpalaci@sbcglobal.net
Palacios-Flores Pedigree

Submitted by Jesse Rodriguez, jesse6573@sbcglobal.net
Rodriguez-Ximenes Pedigree