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Extraction/List Data And Speaker's Presentations

This space is used to publish member submitted extractions or lists. Extractions or lists can be from baptism, confirmation, marriage, death documents or censuses. Data can be church or civil records.

Instructions for submitting genealogical extractions or lists for this page:
Extraction or list data should be original research and not charts copied from the internet.
Submitted data needs to have a contact person and have either their email address or phone number.
The submitter gives Los Bexarenos Genealogical Society permission to publish the extractions or lists on the Society's website.
The extraction or list data must be in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat format).
The Society does not verify submitted data. All corrections/discrepancies should be referred back to the submitter.
Submit extractions or lists to Dennis Moreno,


Submitted by Dennis Moreno, dennis.moreno@sbcglobal.net
The following list is from the Catholic Church baptism records from Zacapu, Michoacan, Mexico
The Huante Families of Zacapu

Submitted by Crespin Redon, crispin.rendon@gmail.com
The following list is from the Catholic Church marriage records, 1809-1911, General Teran, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
GT-Marriage Records

***New***The following are the Families of General Teran, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Volumes 1 - 9, 2nd Edition, Spanning the years 1809 - 1911***New***
Volume 1 (1809-1823), Volume 2 (1823-1833), Volume 3 (1833-1842), Volume 4 (1842-1850),
Volume 5 (1850-1857), Volume 6 (1857-1864), Volume 7 (1864-1877), Volume 8 (1877-1891),
Volume 9 (1891-1911)


Dr. Alonso Marroqin Perales presentation to the February 2012 meeting entitled "Native American Cultures of South Texas and Northern Mexico" Click on the link to download.