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Here is another incentive to say YES to San Antonio, September 27th thru the 30th!
Yes, the 30th! Many of you have asked why we are not doing something on Sunday like our last Conference in San Antonio. So we have added
Mass at St. Mary's Church located at 202 N. St Mary's St., San Antonio, TX 78205
Wait a Minute
the Holiday Inn Riverwalk is at
217 N. St Mary's St., San Antonio, TX 78205
Yes, Mass will be held right across the Street,
Come see the second oldest Church in San Antonio
which was built for the Germans, Irish and Americans
That is NOT ALL!
The Battle of Medina Historical Society
Will provide Tours of the Battle Field
Each tour is limited to 5 or 6 persons, lunch on your own
The Battle of Medina is planning on providing two tours on Sunday and two
more on Monday
for people who are interested.
Tour cost is $25 per person-Register at the Conference
The Van Tours will have limited walking, but walking shoes are recommended.
Bring a hat.


39th Annual Texas Hispanic Genealogical and Historical Conference

 Early Registration is open until June 15, 2018
Sponsored by the Los Bexare
os Genealogical and Historical Society       


Make your reservations early at the
Holiday Inn Riverwalk, September 27, 28, 29, 2018
217 North St. Mary's Street
San Antonio, Texas 78205-2303
(800) 315-2621 or 210-224-2500  Group Code: LBG

Fellow Historians, Genealogists, and History Buffs, Please join us in San Antonio for the 39th Annual Hispanic Genealogical, and Historical Conference. This upcoming event will take place on September 27th, 28th, and 29th, during the 300th Anniversary of San Antonio's Founding Celebration. Early registration begins now until May 1st. The reduced rate for the Holiday Inn River Walk applies for two days prior and two days after our conference, if you chose to extend your stay in our beautiful city.

Take this opportunity to visit our Historical Missions, which have been named a "World Heritage Site" by UNESCO. Take a dinner barge down the beautiful San Antonio River as you dine with friends and learn some historical facts from your Barge Captain.

Our conference will have 30 sessions with some of the most renowned Genealogists and noted Historians. We will have instructional sessions for beginning, intermediate, and advanced genealogists, and discuss the importance of collecting oral histories.We are also providing discounts on your DNA so that you can bring your results with you, and discuss it with an expert.  Bring your family trees or genealogy records and discover new "Primos" while extending our tree at our Sobremesa after dinner on Friday night.

Conference Speakers

Friday 28, 2018
Time Room A Room B Room C
9:00 am   Dan Arellano
The French Connection to the Alamo
Ricky D. Reyes
The Four Directions of the Universe Prayer from the Secrete Wisdom of a Yaqui Mestizo Healer
10:05 am   Dr. Javier Villarreal
His presentation follow the road taken by the Spanish language in the Americas. It will explain the results of language contact, initially, in the Antilles, later betwenn Spanish and Nahuatl (the language of the Aztecs) in Mexico. He will explain how language expansion occurs linguistic and cultural environment. It concludes with a discussion on the vitality of Aztec words that have survived and thrived in today's Spanish and English.
Alicia Cantu Garza O'Neal
Tracing my ancestors to Native American
11:10 am   Janine Cloud
Family Tree DNA
Alex Baez
1:00 pm  

Anthony Delgado & Joe Arciniega
The Interview (Dramatic presentation on Texas History)

Steve Gonzalez
Executive Director of the Camino Real de Los Tejas, will bring us up to date on ongoing research projects that shed light on various aspects of the trail's history, has allowed historic sites to be recognized as official trail resoures.
2:05 pm   William Scott
Early ranching women of the San Antonio and Guadalupe River Valley

Saturday, September 29, 2018   

Time Room A Room B Room C
7:20 am Anthony Delgado    
8:05 am Ed Mata
The Cristero War. The persecution of Catholics in Mexico. This was a popular upraising against the anti-Catholic Mexican government 1926 to 1929.
Margarita Araiza
The history or regligous women in Laredo.
Dr. Francis Galan, Ph.D.
9:10 am Brennan Gardner Rivas, ABD
An unequal right to Bear Arms. State weapons laws and how regulatins targeted the non-white persons of Texas, particularly the male slaves and Indians who posed a threat to the safety and social order of white communities.
Dr. Treresa Von Hoy, Ph.D. Moises Garza
10:15 am Lic. Maria de Jesus Real Garcia Figueroa
Spanish Presentation
Dr. Frank de la Teja, Ph.D.
"The other Seguin: Don Erasmo and the birth of modern Texas"
Description: While Juan get the lion's share of attention among the Seguins of San Antonio, the story of his father, Erasmo, is no less compelling and full of hard choices over loyalities and adversity. Mostly know for escorting Stephen F. Austin into Texas in the summer of 1821, Erasmo's role during the Mexican War of Independance era and the early Mexican period are largely unknown. This talk attempts to deal with the conflicting loyalities and responsibilities faced by Erasmo and how his exprience shaped history.
Dave Gutierrez
Author of "Patriots from the Barrio", the Story of Company E, 141st Infantry: the Only All Mexican American Army Unit consisted of men from El Paso, San Antonio & other Texas towns. Film rights have been sold for a movie.
11:20 am Lic. Miguel Angel Munos Borrego
"Spanish Presentation"
His research will show a connection of the Borrego families that brought ranching into northern Mexico. To include rancher Jose Vasquez Borrego who crossed the Rio Grande near Laredo in 1750 and in 1755
The Angel of Goliad Presentation Team Dr. Felix Alamarz, Ph.D.
1:30 pm Art Martinez de Vara
"Mission Espada After Seclarization: 1794 - 2014"
He is a Texas historian, author and attorney. He was the grand Prize Winner at the 2016 TSGS Book Awards for "Dios y Tejas: Essays on the history of Von Ormy Texas" and the winner of the 2014 Presidio La Bahia Award for "The Jose Franciso Ruiz Papers: Report on Indian Tribes of Texas in 1828"
Dr. David Carson, Ph.D. David Gonzalez
2:35 pm Crispin Rendon Mary Ozuna Torres Dr. Mary Jo Galindo, Ph.D.
La Orden Caballeros de America and the Legacy of Maria L. Hernandez La Liga Pro Defensa Escolar demonstrations protesting the discrimination in and deplorable conditions of public school for Mexican children in the 1930's
3:40 pm M. E. Rios    



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